Business Services OverviewOnline Back-Up

Securely store your precious data in IBM data centres... in triplicate.

  • Automated online backup
  • No need to change tapes
  • Avoid hardware and tape failure
  • Fully secure
  • Backup your laptops, workstations and servers

Ensure your backed up data is as safe as possible and instantly accessible.

Companies are becoming more and more reliant on their IT systems and the data held on those systems. Consequently, ensuring that data is safe and always available is of the utmost importance. Losing one file is losing too much so make sure your data is where you need it, when you need it.

By using our remote back-up service you simply set a back-up policy then forget about it! You let our online back-up system do all the work for you by automatically and securely backing-up your data each night and transmitting it to two off-site data centres within highly secure IBM business
continuity buildings.

As your back-up systems will be online 24x7, if you lose any data,
you are only a few clicks away from getting it back, instantly.

Pricing is scalable and is based on uncompressed data

Up to 500Mb £5 + VAT/month
Up to 1Gb £9 + VAT/month
Up to 4Gb £14 + VAT/month
Up to 7Gb £19 + VAT/month
Up to 10Gb £24 + VAT/month
Up to 15Gb £29 + VAT/month
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someone regarding our services then please call us on
0845 009 5645 or email us via