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Do you need a full training course for your team? Do you want some advice about how to use a program? Do you need an IT induction programme for your new starters?

Whatever you require, we can provide you with the right training resource. Working with both our own personnel and our preferred training consultants, we can provide you with a vast range of courses to suit your needs and your budget. Whether it's an in-house training course or just a single placement, we'll find the best thing for you.

Training just that bit over budget? Would you be happy to share your course with another company and split the costs?

Our account management team is always aware of what our client's training wish lists are, so where there are similar needs we will always make the suggestion that we can run a course that could suit all interested parties in a convenient and central location. This gives all clients access to training whilst keeping the costs down.

If you have any further questions or would like to speak to someone regarding our services then please call us on 0845 009 5645 or email us via