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We're happy to help if your business requires a bespoke IT solution. We can help you review your business case and ensure that when you do act, it will deliver the expected results to schedule and on budget.

Strong project management is the key to the success of every project. Too often, organisations do not see the value of project management - and typically leave the management to the most experienced technical resource on the project.

Organisations may “get away” with this on small projects or even be allowed to extend timescales without users really noticing. Likewise, budgets may be loose, so overrun is not analysed in the greatest of detail. Increasingly this is no longer possible as IT budgets are being scrutinised and business demands for budgets to be fixed and projects to finish at their stated end date.

Our Project Managers are highly experienced in managing project resources whether they are outsourced, 3rd party or a client’s own IT and business resource to ensure your project is kept on track and within budget.

We are also available for a number of other specific tasks these include:

Optimise Current Resource - Review your current operations or IT spend and suggest changes or optimisations as appropriate.

Specialist Advice - Sometimes it pays to have someone else review a plan, offer an alternative independent view or suggest industry best practice.

Risk Management - Helping you identify, manage and mitigate risk.

Project Recovery - Have us assess your current projects and recommend strategies to bring the project back in line with original goals.

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