Business Services OverviewProactive Monitoring

To supplement and underpin our proactive and reactive support services, our 'Daily Health Check' service tracks the status of your equipment 24x7 365 days a year with alerts automatically triggered should anything of concern be detected.

We’ll check:

  • Your Backup has completed successfully, ensuring your data is safe.
  • Your Anti-Virus software is right up-to-date so you’re safe from viruses.
  • Your disk volumes aren’t growing too quickly indicating hidden problems.
  • Your Exchange email system is within its size limits and will continue to run smoothly.
  • Your hard disk and memory health to ensure they’re in peak condition.
  • Your Critical Event Logs to spot other developing problems that could cause downtime.

Daily Health Check helps us maintain maximum uptime and productivity for our customers, automatically logging a call with our helpdesk as required in addition to sending alerts. Let us keep our finger on your Pulse!

If you have any further questions or would like to speak to someone regarding our services then please call us on 0845 009 5645 or email us via